The founder of our school is Kassai Lajos.
His fundamental statement is "one does not have to follow the ancestors, but follow that the ancestors followed"

At the end of the 1980s he developed the system of competition rules of horsearchery and from the beginning of the 90s he started to spread the new sport first in Hungary, then in Europe, in the US, Canada, later in China and other countries in Asia. He got acquainted with Zen archery in Japan (Kamakura) and then he travelled to China to Shaolin. He wrote his book "Horsearchery", which is published in four languages.

For bringing horsearchery into being and spreading it in the world he was awarded in 2003 with the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic Officer's Cross. He won all the competitions until now and managed to set up five Guinness world records. He is the only man in the world, who was able to do horsearchery on changed horses continuously without a break for 24 hours. His 4th record was set up with the help of his students in 2009 in the Budapest Sportarena. He shot 12 times 30 cm diameter flying discs under 17,80 seconds from the back of a galloping horse. Breaking this record, in 2011 at the same place he shot 14 flying discs in 19,85 seconds in front of more than 8.000 spectators. In 2014 he organised the first KHOW Horsearchery World Cup in the Kassai Valley, where his students got all the first places.

First in the World, since 2011 at the University of Physical Education in Budapest, a BA and MA can be gained in teaching horsearchery. The methodology of examinations and practical tutorials was worked out by Kassai Lajos. The Kassai horsearchery system is a Hungaricum (part of the Hungarian heritage) since 2013. Horsearchery is officially accredited by the MLSZ (Hungarian Equine Sports Association) and since 2013 it has its own official sport department within the association. Kassai Horsearchery School has more than 300 members worldwide and in the Carpathien Basin 10 sport associations act the part of. More and more official Kassai horsearchery tracks are established worldwide and the Original Kassai System is becoming a world association widely.

In 2016 Kaszás Géza's large scale documentary on Kassai Lajos's horsearchery and on his school, The Horsearcher is performed in cinemas

More information is available on the web-site of the Kassai Horsearchery School: