Horsearchery is developing both physical as well as intellectual abilities. We have a nice Hungarian word for something being a whole, a kind of wholeness (egészség), which also means healthy. This wholeness and healthy life can be experienced by the children through horsearchery. Besides the body, also the mind and the soul will be healthy through practicing. Children will get to know horses. They will get stronger physically, outside in the fresh air, in a natural enviroment. Next to the individual development, social sensitivity is greatly developing, as children continuously have to help eachother around horses and during the different kinds of training. They learn, that the aim is not to win over eachother, but rather one shall try to win over oneself. A community life is formed, where participants learn to work together with eachother and with the horses efficiently. Psychological sensitivity is attenuated paralell with the equine knowledge. Capabilities are evolving to create physical, mental as well as spiritual relationship with horses. 

The bow is also a weapon, and the horse with his/her weight is in preponderance compare to humans. It is not possible to do horsearchery safely without an orderly enviroment. Students experience the importance of order and discipline, the importance of keeping to the rules. 

Horsearchery training is held for children from the age of 8. Previous application by email or phone is necessary! 

For children, who participate regularly in trainings during the year, we organise summer training camps.
For information on the next training camp and for an application form, please send us an email.