We held two Open days yearly. At an Open day visitors have the opportunity to have a view into our trainings  and the methods of the Kassai Equestrian Archery School. Our first Open day was organised in May 2022. All wellcome!

Our Kánság participated in several horsearchery shows, international competitions or vocational programs in Hungary and internationally, as part of shows by Master Kassai Lajos, in collaboration with the Lovas Élet Iskola or independently with our own team. More recently we also undertake shows including our children team. These shows are significant part of the work, also because we think of them as a kind of battle. In these extreme situations, in an exaggerated mental state we have to be able to bring the best out of ourselves, to be able to collaborate and work calmly with our horses and have to show the best of our knowledge sometimes in front of thousands of people. The shows are brilliant opportunity for us to develop, to train ourselves in extreme situations for the achievement of spiritual balance. It is our intention to communicate the beauty of horsearchery in the challenge of the shows. We are especially proud of our children team.