We hold group courses from the beginners to the advanced level in Hungary and abroad. Training horses for horsearchery, partnership with horses, training of the collaborative, loose, flexible and well-balanced horse, gimnastics for horses, horsearchery and how to teach horses - are the main focus of our courses. We organise courses, when a need for it emerge – either individually, or by a group. If you would need any further information regarding the organising of or the participation at our courses, please feel free to contact us.

For our members and for those, who participate regularly in our trainings, we organise at least two training camps yearly. We experience always great development during these training camps, therefore these are the most valuable days in the life of the Kánság. Our leader, Szmrecsányi Márton is leading the training camps after a carefully put together plan. We also make smaller garden jobs together, which have an important impact on the community life. The fittness and strength program has significance, the technical program, the discussions, the joint meals, as well as the theoretical summaries during the week.